Franchising is not something that can be learnt overnight and so when deciding to franchise your business, you will require the services of a franchise consultant.

The franchise consultant will use their experience to help you build a sustainable franchise model and will navigate you through each step of the franchising journey.

Developing a successful franchise business requires you to satisfy a number of key criteria such as :

  • have you proven and piloted your concept already?
  • do the figures add up?
  • can the business be copied?
  • does the business have longevity?

Franchising your business also requires you to transform and document your business into a series of organised systems and procedures that can be replicated by others, as well as the implementation of  strong training and support system that will ensure your franchisees follow your system and maintain brand standard.

No business can afford to miss out any of the important steps of developing their franchise model so its right first time! It is therefore very important that you receive sound advice and guidance from an experienced franchise consultant from the outset, to firstly establish if franchising your business is the right decision for you, and if so, how best to structure and develop your franchise proposition in order to avoid any costly mistakes further down the line.