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We can help you create a strong, credible, successful franchise system using your existing business model. We believe that successful franchisors understand the franchising process, so we've put together our packages to provide all the support that a new franchisor needs.
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Can I Franchise?

Not all businesses are suitable to franchise and we will guide you through the initial process of looking at your business and its potential to expand. We will encourage you to be fully involved in the franchising process enabling you to understand the methods and structure of your franchised business thus enabling you to become a knowledgeable franchisor.

Step-by-step guidance

The franchising process will take up to 4 months and during this time we will provide you with a step by step guide on what to expect from us each month, how long each step will take and what the finished product will be. Our charted accountant will look at your business finances in depth to provide detailed information for your franchise documents and pricing scale.

Ongoing Support & Advice

Once the process is complete we offer you ongoing support to guide you through the first few years as a franchisor. Our aim is to help your network grow! We have been through the franchising process ourselves and know that you might have lots of questions, not just at the start but as your franchise grows – so we’re happy to answer them!

Franchising your business is an excellent way to grow your brand and increase your market potential.

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About Us

About Us

My name is Cheryl White and I am the Managing Director of Mercury Franchise Consultants.

In 2013 I franchised my home care company, Apollo Care, and realised that many people may wish to franchise their business but may be on a tight budget.

My team and I decided that putting together 3 franchise packages would help people to achieve their franchising goals without overspending, and set up Mercury Franchise Consultants in 2015.


We encourage business owners to be very involved in the franchising process.


We help business owners learn the necessary skills and knowledge required to become a successful franchisor.


We keep the process as simple yet informative as possible and our own franchising experience is invaluable to our potential franchisors.

The help and support I received during and after has surpassed my expectations and I can honestly say that Cheryl always goes out of her way to help with any questions I have (I’ve had many!). I couldn’t have done it without her and I don’t think I would have found anyone as trustworthy, knowledgeable, honest and helpful as Cheryl.

Read Nicky’s full testimonial…

Nikki Adams

Director, Full of Beans Franchising Ltd

Getting Started: Franchise Evaluation

The objective of the franchise evaluation is to determine whether your business is suitable to franchise. We will look at areas such as your business model, profit margins and business structure. Once this process is complete and contracts are agreed, our accountant will look at your business finance in detail to include in further documentation and pricing structure.

We will also discuss your franchise model, how things will proceed and review your current and future income strategies at this meeting.

Month 1

After shadowing you in your business, work will begin on your bespoke franchise prospectus. Our accountant will be working on the figures required for your Franchise Information Memorandum and you will begin your franchising business plan.

Month 2

Your prospectus will be completed and work will begin on your Franchise Information Memorandum. Work will also begin on your Operational Manual. During month two we will provide you with any legal templates you require and advise regarding franchise legal agreement and trade marking.

Month 3

Your Financial Information Memorandum will be completed and work will continue on your Operational Manual.

Month 4

Operational Manual will be completed and we will provide you with guidance on what will be expected from you as a franchisor, provide you with a territory mapping system and any other paper work you may require.

Launch and Ongoing Support

Your franchise will now be ready to launch!

After your four months development programme is complete we will offer you ongoing support and advice to enable you to manage your role as a new franchisor.

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