I met with many franchising companies before I decided to use Cheryl at Mercury Franchise Consultants. I met with some of the largest in the city who were asking for astronomical fees and any extras were “additional” fees to smaller companies who received varied feedback from the franchisors they had supported.

Then I found Cheryl and from the moment I met her I found her to be very warm, truly honest and straight talking. This is a quality I will always admire as I have learned there are too many companies out there that promise the earth and don’t deliver. Don’t be fooled by the glossy brochures some of these companies produce, it certainly doesn’t mean you will get a better service.

It was clear that Cheryl has a great work ethic as she has already built up her own business and had a number of franchisees. Having already been through the franchising process herself she knows exactly what needs to be done and is always looking to make improvements to systems, procedures and documentation, and has everything updated by top solicitors every twelve months to ensure all documentation is in line with any changes in policy.

At our second meeting we agreed what would be produced and everything was received in a very timely manner. The input I gave was specifics to my industry and Cheryl translated this into a bespoke manual for us.   She also provided us with comprehensive policies and procedures and a water tight franchise agreement drawn up by first class solicitors.

The help and support I received during and after has surpassed my expectations and I can honestly say that Cheryl always goes out of her way to help with any questions I have (I’ve had many!). I couldn’t have done it without her and I don’t think I would have found anyone as trustworthy, knowledgeable, honest and helpful as Cheryl.

I aspire to be as good a franchisor as her one day but know that if I’m struggling with anything Cheryl will take the time to help if she can.

Nikki Adams

Director, Full of Beans Franchising Ltd