Why did I decide to Franchise my business?
Full of Beans had been operating on the Wirral for about seven years, built up from scratch. I was the only person involved in managing the business and after about six years had taken more of a step back from coaching and teaching (although I do still teach a few classes and observe coaches weekly).

We were receiving more enquiries from further afield and the staff that I had in my area just didn’t want to travel that far. My own area was also running at a pace that I was comfortable at and I was happy with the quality of our services and I was fearful that if I expanded my territory then the quality would slip somewhere.

I knew that I wanted Full of Beans to grow in order to get as many children as active and healthy as we could and enjoying physical activity so I decided that in order to keep quality at a high level that franchising was the best option.
I had looked into buying a franchise myself before Full of Beans was set up but there wasn’t another company that offered all that I wanted to deliver. Therefore, I had a good idea about the franchise industry from the research I had already done.

I had been approached already by a local Franchise consultants so met with them and also a multinational large city centre business. I took up references on each of the companies I had spoken to and their packages were very different BUT there was something stopping me going ahead……… until I met Cheryl from Mercury Franchise Consultants. Cheryl made everything clear, she had franchised her own business so had the answers to all the questions I had (and there were many) and made me feel comfortable and at ease. With some of the big companies they take a HUGE fee and you only get what you pay for, no after sales support service and I felt like the clock would be ticking if I ever phoned up with a question, let alone if I needed any extra paperwork. Mercury delivered everything on time and went over and above to ensure I had everything that I would need and are still there if I need further advice and support. I couldn’t recommend them enough.