Love it or hate it! Social media is an important part of any business marketing strategy!

Potential franchisees have information at their finger tips so how do you stand out from your competition?

What will they learn about you and will it encourage them to find out more?

Social media can help build up a “picture” of who you are, what your brand means, and how exciting it would be to become a part of your franchise network…

Try the following tips to get started:

  1. U-tube: Create your own station and add information such as testimonials, videos and franchisee introductions.
  2. Facebook: Set up a business page and invite people to like your page. Post information about what you are doing within your company, pictures of your achievements, staff, offices etc and promote your business through target advertising.
  3. Twitter: set up a Twitter page and create content about your business, what is your mission statement, what do you do etc. Encourage people to ask questions and interact with others.
  4. Website: Your business website needs to be informative, contain relevant information and offer advice to people interested in your industry. Your website is usually the first place people go to find out more about you, encourage them to want to find out more!!


Social media is a great way to connect with others and show people that you are an expert in your field.

The key to social media is consistency and regular interaction.